Ruby and her mother

Me and my Mum

Mother’s Day has probably become more significant to me than ever, as my wonderful Mum passed away just 3 years ago, almost a week to the day of Mothering Sunday. It’s a day that I like to celebrate now with my own daughter, Reena, who has helped me fill the gap left by my Mum, and a time that I can reflect on the things that Mum taught me. I’d love to say that is was her amazing cookery skills, but it’s my daughter that inherited those! I’m definitely the weakest link when it comes to culinary delights. But what she did teach me was her love of beautiful things and that there’s no shame in having things that you love if you’ve worked hard for them. She also passed on the importance of generosity – and I don’t mean just the material. I’ve learned that the most precious thing you can give is your time, and to share whatever it is that you’re good at. Being there to listen and share is more valuable than anything you can buy. So whether you’re a Mum or a daughter, Happy Mother’s Day.