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“My day to day holiday essentials include all of the basics in all beauty domains- face, hair and body. I do make more effort than usual because I have the time, and also I can test things properly and leisurely which I love.”

“I wouldn’t say that I am a light packer but I try not to take my bathroom with me either. I pack in a methodical way, so that I’m not without the essentials, but I add things that are appropriate for skin, hair and body dependent on the environment I am going to be in. Sea and salt means SPF protection plus soothing, hydrating products. Oils, balms and winter sports mean richer, more nourishing products.”

“I never wear makeup to the beach but I do curl my eyelashes and re-apply lip balms often with SPF for comfort. For evening I keep skin quite fresh by adding a cream blusher, concealer if needed and vibrant yet sheer lip colour, or I’ll add eye pencils in green or blue to the water line. Sometimes I go totally neutral and just curl my eyelashes and smudge a black eye kohl around the eyes.”

“I really love my hair on holiday- the sea and humidity bring out the natural texture and I just go with it. I do use Philip Kingsley Elasticizer , £31, every few days and Aveda Protective Hair Veil, £22.50, everyday.”

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