Fenwicks Inflight Beauty


Four beauty experts reveal their inflight beauty routines…

3. Ruby Hammer MBE, makeup artist

With 25-years experience in the beauty industry there are not many tricks the internationally renowned makeup artist does not know.

ruby hammer

What are your beauty tips for getting upgraded?

I go for clean makeup with defined features – so groomed eyebrows, a bit of mascara with a hint of blue and tinted lip balm on the lips – there is no need for full blown makeup here you just want to look bright and fresh. And a great pair of sunglasses wouldn’t go amiss.

What in-flight products could you not live without?

I always try to exfoliate my face and body at home so the products I use in-flight have a chance to sink in and are not sitting on the surface of my skin. Then when I’m onboard I use Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist to refresh my skin and Sisley’s Express Flower Gel mask to hydrate and firm. I find Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm on the temples really soothes the senses, and massaging Nails Inc’s Vitamin E Oil pen into the cuticles and Clarins Hand and Nail Treament into my hands is another good way to relax.

How do you make sure you sleep on a long-haul flight?

I start with all of the above and then use headphones to block out the noise, a silk eye-mask and pillow for my neck. I put drops of pure lavender oil on my seat, pillow and mask to send me off and if I’m really struggling I’ll do deep breathing.

How do you combat puffiness?

No alcohol, lots of water and compression socks. I also like to use Shiseido Pure Retinol smoothing eye masks – they’re quick and concentrated and freshen my eyes.

Any tips before landing?

I brush my teeth. I use a face wipe or pads – the only time I do – and I like This Works In Transit No Traces pads. They’re great for removing even mascara. I curl my lashes and use a Nars Multiple, which is great to add a pinch of colour to my cheeks and lips.